Emile Henry Creme Brulee Set



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This Emile Henry Les Secrets d’Emile Gift Set is an ideal gift due to its variety of uses. Crème Caramel and Pots de Crème are made to perfection in this Emile Henry's Crème Brûlée dish. The uniqueness of burgundy clay allows any custard to evenly reach the perfect temperature creating a perfectly smooth and creamy dessert. The beauty of the dishes needs no garnish other than a glossy coating of caramel glaze or a small sprinkle of powdered sugar.    
This piece can also be used for appetisers or small individual lasagne or baked pasta dishes. The Emile Henry Crème Brûlée Gift Set includes 6 pieces Crème Brûlée dishes in assorted colours, blow torch and recipe booklet, written in English and French languages.

Set contains:
6 Crème Brûlée dishes in assorted colours Diameter (cm): 12
1 Blow torch
1 Recipe book (English and French)