About Us

Gidgee Baskets started nearly 5 years ago from home with the concept of bringing gift hampers to the bush.  Our first order was a corporate mine of approx 475 Gourmet Christmas hampers.  Between my husband, family and friends we had the order completed in 10 days and then delivered it to the mine in the back of a cattle truck.  We used my mother - inlaws rental house to package everything and at the time I was 6 months pregnant with my second child.
Six months later a small craft shop became available in town and friend and I thought we would 'give it a go' in a real shop.  My friend made handicrafts, quilts etc and half the store was dedicated to her stuff and the remaining store was gifts that I had purchased from my first giftfair in February 2005.  In 2007 my friend branched out to her own shop and I continued on in the one we had previously shared.  Gidgee Baskets 'Bricks and Mortar'still continues today stocking wide variety of gifts for all occassions. Whilst still maintaining the initial concept of gift hampers.